Hypnosis for Stress Management

Hypnosis is a powerful and easy tool to manage stress and to learn how to be in control of your own body and mind. 

Hypnosis can be used for many types of issues, however,  it is wonderful for calming the mind and coping with life’s daily stressors. I am always asked if I will control someone’s mind using hypnosis – the answer is no.  However, I can teach you through hypnosis how to be more in control of your own mind.

So how is  hypnosis used for relaxation – glad you asked!   A therapist who is trained in hypnosis can help you determine the best way to utilize this tool.  When someone comes into my office, I do a complete history and intake with the client, and then we determine what is the best imagery to use to help her/him become as relaxed and comfortable as possible.   It is very individual which is why it is the most effective when you have a therapist who does not use scripts and customizes it  specifically for your needs.  After the session, the therapist may show you how to do self-hypnosis or record the session so that you can continue to use it to learn how to manage stress in healthier and more effective ways

An induction is the first step to entering the hypnosis experience.  There are many ways to help someone enter this state of relaxation.  I usually just talk and use words that help the person drift away from their “outer mind” and enter into a calm inner state of peacefulness.  Once I can tell they are more relaxed by the slowness of the breath, I use the imagery that they have identified, and they can then enter a wonderful world of peacefulness.  It feels like a mini-vacation.  The best part of this experience is being able to enter this place whenever you want using self-hypnosis.

Reflectiond Doubletop

Even though I cannot do hypnosis in the blog.  I would enjoy helping you take a mini-vacaction.  I wonder if you can just focus of this photo or maybe one of your own.  As you look at this image, begin taking slow, deep breathes.  Keep focusing on the image and what appeals to you and helps you calm.  If any thoughts enter your mind, just return to the image or your breath.  Notice the places in your body that begin to relax and let this relaxation move through your body. Continue this practice until you feel calmer or more relaxed.  Stay here as long as you want!   It is your mini-vacation!

Please check back here often.  I will be blogging about many aspects of the human condition and how to manage it for optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being.


Cheryl Rubin, LCSW

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