Healthy Weight Management and Hypnosis

With all the information about dieting and managing a healthy weight, how do you know the best ways to lose weight and remain healthy. 


It is difficult to determine how to eat in a healthy way to lose weight and to maintain it.  There is so much information and some of it is conflicting.  So how does a person manage a healthy weight and choose the best way to do this?  This is not an easy question.

I always tell my clients that food and body issues are the most difficult issues I help people with in my practice because there is no one best way that works for everyone.  Even hypnosis, which is a great tool that can help, is just that, a tool.  You still have to work at it and make significant changes – permanently.  And this is the problem – the changes have to be permanent – at least most of the time.  There is no going on and off.  This sounds really good in theory, but anyone of us who has tried it knows how difficult this can be to maintain.  We have really good intentions, but then the holidays happen, we get stressed, we have a birthday, we go out to eat and the list can go on and on.  We all have many excuses and then remain in diet hell.

Are you asking when I will get to the solution?

Well the problem is that the majority of us eat emotionally and  emotional eating is about trying to fill yourself up with food when there is an emotional emptiness inside you. Dieting is a temporary way to undo this chronic cycle to manage emotions. What is critical to understand is that food is a symptom of the problem not the problem. When we recognize this simple fact, then we can change and look at the real problem. For most people the real problem with food is a long-held way to fill themselves up and feel better, albeit temporarily. Therefore, finding healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off is both a physical and emotional journey. Once you have lost the weight – you end up dealing with the emotional issues that have been a distraction by using food.  In addition, most of us who have food issues are stuck in an early developmental period about getting our needs met or in adolescence where we begin to form an identity and detach from our family of origin.  Both of these developmental stages are fraught with the development of food and body issues.

Let’s face it – our first comfort is being fed. We come out of the womb in distress from our journey and we are comforted by being held and fed – what a set up for life long food issues! Add to it the abundance of food 24/7 and the amount of unhealthy and weight gaining processed food, and this is a recipe for a fat disaster or diet hell for eternity!

My plan when helping people is a ten step process:

1. Stop dieting – diets to not work.

2.Eat mindfully with awareness – stop unconscious and mindless eating.

3. Do not use food to cope with life.

4.You can never eat the way you want to and the foods you want to all the time. NEVER!

5.Keep it simple and realistic – do not make this complicated.  Be realistic.  This is about being healthy.

6.Start now and move – literally and figuratively – Do not wait until Monday. Do not wait.  DO IT NOW!

7.Accept yourself and your body as you are – do not wait for the time you lose weight.

8. Stop the excuses – there are no good excuses to keep an unhealthy or uncomfortable weight.

9.See a good therapist if you still find it difficult to make these changes.

10.THERE IS NO MAGIC! There is no magic diet – there is no magic pill – there is just no magic or easy way to lose weight – there is just doing it.

At any moment you can change! So why not start right now.

I hope that these steps help  you reach your healthy goals!

Cheryl Rubin, MSW,LCSW













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