Creativity and Coping with Emotions

Creativity is about jumping into the unknown and trusting in the process.

This is a good metaphor for life.  When I work with clients, I help them determine what they are in control of and what they just need to trust.  Really, the only thing we are in control of is how we react to what life throws our way.  Of course, we can make plans and prepare, but ultimately, life does what it does, and then we have a choice of just how to react.  Most people feel that they have no choice about their reactions, but you do, and it can be a very creative process to determine how you want to react to life.

We react in ways that are automatic and mindless most of the time.  Our bodies and minds truly believe that we need to react in this way until we tell them otherwise.  It then becomes a creative process to discover how we can react differently.

My previous blog on art journaling can be extremely helpful in this process because we can practice and see what feels the best. Of course, there are many ways to explore how to react differently to life, but I have discovered that art journaling can give you a visualize and verbal venue to practice.

So begin with something in your life you would like to react differently to.  I would suggest you start with something that is not too upsetting so you can get a feel of the process and begin to trust in it.  This is when you begin to use your creativity (remember we are all creative in one way or another).  Take a blank page and just put some color on it, spray it, paint it or scribble on it, do not “think” about it just play with it. Next draw or use magazine pictures to express your emotions and feelings.  The next step is to say how you currently feel and explore how you want to feel and react about this situation.  See what unfolds!  Trust in the process of your right brain to create what you already know about coping. Remember when you get out of logical, analytical left brain and engage the right brain, it has many more solutions than the left brain because the right brain is intuitive and looks at the whole picture.

Here is a page from my journal on taking a leap of faith.  It is always so scary to do something different or something we do not know how to do.  I use my art journal to explore feelings and thoughts and ways to change my reaction.  Sometimes it works right away,  sometimes it is a good jumping off point to explore further, and then there are times I get frustrated with the process.  Ah – then I can choose how to react, and at times, I just put it down and do something else.  A choice!

It says: “There are times we just need to take a leap of faith and fly and trust where we land.”



In line with this topic of creating and coping, there is a great new book from a colleague of mine who has written about the human condition, and how to live a radiant life. It is about making choices from a spiritual/soul perspective.

It is really inspiring,  and I highly recommend it!  The title is “Soul Health: Aligning with Spirit for Radiant Living”.  It gives many ideas of how to cope with life and change your reactions. It is one book that really gives you practical ways to make these changes.

Please check back frequently on more ways to create and have more choices!


Cheryl Rubin, MSW, LCSW






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